Dr Sanford Siegal's Cookie Diet

Dr. Siegal's® COOKIE DIET™ foods were first envisioned in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegal to help patients control their hunger and stick to their diets. The founder of Siegal Medical Group, his Miami, Florida medical practice, Dr. Siegal personally creates, mixes and bakes every batch of his COOKIE DIET™ cookies.

Early in his career, Dr. Siegal realized that hunger was the evil cause that made diets fail. He knew that if he could control his patients' hunger, he would be able to help them stay on their diets and lose the weight they so desparately wanted to. With a background in chemistry and a love for cooking, he discovered that combining certain food proteins created foods that offer an amazing hunger control. These food proteins are called amino acids. His discovery led to the now-famous COOKIE DIET™ cookies.Dr Siegals Cookie Diet

Over the years, more than 200 doctors have used Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET™ cookies to help their patients lose weight. More than a half million people have enjoyed the weightloss that these amazing diet cookies afford.

Speaking of afford, they do not come cheap. At just uinder $60 for a one week supply, they may seem expensive, but you have to remember you will not be eating three meals a day, most likely one or two of thouse at a restaurant or fast food chain, so the money should not be an issue. I bet if you added up all that you spend on dining out each week, it would by far exceed the $60 these weight dropping gems will give you.

More information on Dr Siegal's cookie diet can be found on his site, www.cookiedietonline.com



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