No-Bake Haystack Cookie Recipe

These popular treats are incredibly easy to make, taste yummy, and are perfect for the holidays!


2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
2 cups butterscotch chips
1 12-ounce can of cocktail peanuts
5 ounces chow mein noodles 

Melt chocolate and butterscotch chips in the top of a double boiler over hot (not boiling) water or in microwave (low power).

Stir in nuts and noodles.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Cool. Store covered in the refrigerator.

Yield:  About 36

Variations: Try adding mini-marshmellows, using peanut butter chips instead of butterscotch, almonds instead of peanuts... use your imagination!

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