Smart For Life Cookie Diet

This program is medically sound and staffed and managed by physicians who have your best health interest at heart.

Aside from the physicians and the role they typically play in your diet, the Smart for Life Weight Loss program features their unique Smart Products. These products are packaged as cookies, muffins, shakes, soups and desserts. What they are most famous for is the diet cookie sqquares with organic ingredients. The cookies are scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and amino acids, and they are preservative free. The cookie squares taste great and come in six delicious flavors. You won’t believe how well it works until you try it yourself. 

Best of all, by eating six cookie diet squares each day, one every two or three hours, your hunger is always satisfied all day long. Combine that along with a well balanced meal at dinnertime you will be losing 3-4 pounds a week or, 12-15 pounds a month.  These are real results! And it just keeps getting better every day.

Still, as good as the Smart Cookie squares are,  most people need variety and will easily get bored with eating the same thig every day. That is why they also offer muffins, shakes, soups and desserts, all with the same weight dropping qualities.

You can find out more about the Smart For Life Cookie Diet on their website at


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