Soup Recipes

Delicious Soup Recipes

Nothing says comfort food quite like homemade soup!

Whether you want to warm up on a winter day, enjoy a light lunch, or have a classy accompaniment to a full meal, soup the versatile and delicious answer!

This hearty collection includes dozens of soup recipes, plus these helpful topics:

  • All about soups
  • Value of soup in the meal
  • General classes of soup
  • Classes of soup denoting consistency.
  • Classes of soups denoting quality
  • Stock for soup and its uses
  • Varieties of stock
  • Additional uses of stock
  • Soup extracts
  • Flavoring stock
  • Making of soup
  • Principal ingredients
  • Meat used for soup making
  • Herbs and vegetables used for soup.
  • Processes involved in making stock.
  • Cooking meat for soup.
  • Removing grease from soup.
  • Clearing soup
  • Thickening soup
  • Serving soup
  • Recipes - stocks
  • Recipes - soups 

And more!

Easy to follow recipes and tips for foolproof, delicious results!

Delicious Soup Recipes is just one component of the Crazy Cookbook Collection. 


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