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From: Sandy J.

I just bought Trader Joe's Hawaiian Holiday Cookies. The come in a cute tin that looks like a bamboo hut. The cookies are small, "pop-in-your-mouth" size. They are crunchy and delicious, with a blend of macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, and a little hint of coconut. I give them a thumbs-up!


From: Annie L.

My favorite store-bought cookies are Creme de Piroulines. They are Viennese wafers with hazelnut & cocoa cream filling. They are those long skinny tube cookies that come in a round can. They are perfect with coffee or hot chocolate, with ice cream, or just by themselves. A nice, light tasty snack. Yummy!


From: Mike P.

Keebler's Danish Wedding Cookies were a nice surprise. I don't usually like store-bought cookies, but my daughter wanted to try these. They are small chocolate chip & coconut cookies covered in powdered sugar. A bit messy, but I do recommend them.


From: Donna W.

I prefer soft cookies so just tried Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookies from Keebler. Yes they are soft. No, they are not as good as home made. They had a weird taste to them. But they're OK.


From: Brenda S.

If you count cookie dough as store bought category, the best ever is 600 lb. Gorillas Chocolate Chip cookie dough. Tastes even better than my from-scratch cookies. Chewy and delicious. Plus no trans fats! Nestle Tollhouse Ultimates Chocolate Chip Lovers cookie dough is very good, too. Lots of chocolate chunks!


From: Chris N.

Hey, cool site! My all-time favorite store cookie is Oreos. Nothing fancy, I know. I've loved them since I was a kid, and 30 years later I still haven't found a cookie I like better.


From: Joe P.

I'm originally from Southern California and one of my "crew's" favorite weekend activities was to cruise up and down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.  O.k., we were young. However, one of the highlights of those evenings was to stop in Famous Amos Cookie Shop and get a bag of those chocolate chip with pecan cookies fresh from the oven.  This was before they became mass produced and sold in stores (which don't compare).

Some of the most memorable times in my life... up to that point, at least;-)

Keep up the good work!



From:  Teena Hughes

My all-time favourite [when I first discovered it] was the Mrs. Fields' cookies range.  It was on my first visit to the USA and I fell in love...what sheer heaven, delicious delight, sensual pleasure - thanks Mrs. Fields!!!

I lived overseas for many years and on my return to Australia I was absolutely thrilled to see Mrs Fields' stores popping up everywhere ... oh man, it's so hard to walk past, hahaha!

Do yourself a favour - if you haven't tried these yet because you live on Mars or Venus or in a country where they aren't available, buy them here and get them airlifted to your place - best decision you'll ever make!

Live, love, laugh, enjoy ...



From:  Lynn Terry

I absolutely love cookies… so when my daughter came home from elementary school with a fundraiser sheet to sell cookie dough, I bought 5 boxes! I chose 5 different kinds: peanut butter cookies, macadamia nut cookies, chocolate chip cookies – well, you get the drift. Each box had 3 lbs of cookie dough, already rolled out into individual cookies and frozen.

After several weeks the cookies finally came in. 15 lbs of cookie dough! Which would hardly fit in the freezer, mind you – haha. We cooked some up right away, mouths watering in anticipation… and they were horrible! I mean that they were tooth-breaking, mouth-drying awful! What a waste…

Lesson learned – never buy frozen cookie dough from an elementary school fundraiser!!



From: Sean W.

Interesting! I bought cookie dough from my nephew's school fundraiser and thought the cookies were delicious. They were preformed cookies, ready to bake (not frozen). Probably a different brand than experienced by Lynn. Flavors were peanut butter, chocolate chip, white chocolate chip macadamia, and chocolate-chocolate chip. All were very tasty, and so easy to bake... just popped them in the oven for 12 minutes. I could make any number of cookies I wanted, which was great. And the dough kept for quite a while in the 'fridge. I'll buy them again next year!


From: Chuck Anthony

I was shopping at my local warehouse club the other day where the store was doing a promotion for Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies--already my favorite cookie for over a decade now. Anyway, they had a demo area set up and a nice lady handing out samples. Behind her was a display featuring giant bags of Milanos. I thought I died and went to heaven--Milano cookies in giant warehouse club bags?--Yes!! I must have been camped out in front of that booth for at least 10 minutes munching on Milanos and talking with that sweet lady. She must think I'm cookie-crazy or something and I am; at least when it comes to the Pepperidge Farm Milano--quite possibly the perfect cookie. Of course, I had to buy a bag. As much as I love 'em, I'd be crazy not to!

Chuck Anthony's Chicagoland Rock 'n Roll Blog


From:  Brian

I'm looking for a cookie I ate in the 70's. It was a marshmellow center on top of a graham cookie covered with white chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. It was big like the chocolate pinwheels are now, but I don't think it had a hole in the center and it was white chocolate instead of regular chocolate. Anyone else remember these?


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