The Hollywood Cookie Diet

From the makers of the Hollywood 48-hour and 24-hour Miracle Diets® that have already helped millions to detox and lose weight...

This may be the last diet you will ever be on, because you can use the Hollywood Cookie Diet™ for as long as it takes to achieve your weight loss goal.

The First Delicious Way to Lose Weight™.  Eat a cookie, Skip a meal™.  Lose weight with delicious meal replacement cookies. What a concept, huh?

Each cookie is individually wrapped for eating on-the-go. This allows you to take a tasty meal with you to the office, on the road, on the plane, to the gym, or anywhere else you go. Hollywood cookie diet

They are delicious, contain no trans fat, conveniently packages and easy to take with you to lose weight and maintain your weight and best of all, it works!

Hollywood Cookie Diet is perfect for active individuals, busy professionals, or anyone who has a desire tol ose weight. We all know that to lose weight we have to restrict calories, but we also know that it is easier said than done. When hunger strikes, diets fail. The Hollywood Cookie Diet™ works by satisfying your hunger while providing essential vitamins and minerals. Each cookie is a delicious meal. The Hollywood Cookie Diet is a good source of fiber and protein and contains more than 13 vitamins and minerals.



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